How Does PEST OFFENSE® Work?
How Many PEST OFFENSE® Units Do I Need for My Home?
How Quickly Will I See Results?
What Are The Red and Green Lights and Why Does the Green light Flash On and Off?
What Type of Guarantee Does PEST OFFENSE® Offer?
What Type of Pests does PEST OFFENSE® Work on?
Does PEST OFFENSE® Have Any Limitations?
How Often Do I Have to Replace the Batteries?
How Much Electricity Does PEST OFFENSE® Use?
If the Nightlight Goes Out, Does the Unit Still Work?
Is the PEST OFFENSE® Unit Sonar or Ultra Sound?
How Does Sonar and Ultra Sound Devices Compare to PEST OFFENSE®?
Does PEST OFFENSE® Work on Termites?
Does PEST OFFENSE® Work on Fleas, Ticks and Flying Insects?
Does PEST OFFENSE® Interfere with My Other Electrical Appliances, TV's, Radios, Stereos or Computers?
I Have a Pacemaker. Can I Use PEST OFFENSE®?
Will PEST OFFENSE® Harm Birds, Fish, Ferrets, Snakes, Lizards, Hermit Crabs, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits or Any Animal That is Very Small?